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Showering a new baby with loving and thoughtful gifts is the customary way of welcome from family and friends. But for some newborns, there are no gifts. Even basics are in short supply.

Onesie Twosie is a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organization whose mission is to spread the joy of giving through donations of new baby clothing, gifts and necessities to physically or financially compromised moms and their infants. When you decide to purchase a baby shower present or newborn gift, you should consider donating half the money to Onesie Twosie who will provide similar gifts to newborns and their moms who do not have the resources to purchase all of their necessities. Onesie Twosie distributes the gifts through selected Bay Area organizations such as the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP), Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center (BAPAC) East Bay Community Recovery Project, PP Shasta Pacific, and Children's Hospital Oakland NICU, connecting generosity with need in the shared spirit of welcoming baby home.

Onesie Twosie facilitates your ability to give appropriate items to moms and infants who need them. We are in contact with our recipient organizations to keep abreast of the current needs of their clients. Your donations are used to purchase specific items that have been requested by these organizations. By aggregating donations, we can maximize their effectiveness by purchasing in quantity, at wholesale prices, and by taking advantage of any promotions or negotiated discounts which we can arrange.

There are many organizations that deal with the recycling of baby items - a noble and worthy cause. Onesie Twosie, however, has decided to only deal with new items. Luther Jessie, the head of Project Pride, of the East Bay Community Recovery Project, defines their needs simply -- "our clients do not want things from someone's garage. They already have that. They need to receive something new and nice so they can believe that their baby is important, is precious and is welcome".

Every child has the potential to make a contribution to our world…to love, to sing, to write a novel, to be the head of a company, of a family, or a dance troupe.   No baby should be ignored.  At the least, we want to give that baby a set of cute new onesies, a new fuzzy blanket, or a first aid kit so his/her mommy can take her temperature if she feels warm. We would like that baby to have her own “Pat the Bunny” book to be shared with her by her mommy or daddy or grandmom or big brother.  

We want each mom to know that other people believe that her child is special, that her child is deserving and should be given a little help to see the sun shine.

We are starting a new program - share the joy and a photo!  We would love to have some photos of your Honoree (baby or Mom) to put up on Facebook (first names only, please) and on our web site.  Just e-Mail us a jpeg or a pdf (500kb max) and the web master, aka Stuart, will put it up.

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